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Nexen Care is an innovative system developed for healthcare practitioners and organizations to facilitate digital transformation in health sector. It unifies EHR (Electronic Health Record), manages medical services, streamlines procedures and digitalizes the workflow. It contains several modules to provide seamless healthcare experience through interactive system on PCs and smart devices Apps.


Centralized System

Unified Health Record

Integrated Solution

Healthcare excellence and optimization

Cloud Based

No need to build your infrastructure

Nexen Care has been innovated to lead the healthcare sector by enabling organizations (service providers) and individuals (who benefit from services) to interact with each other and have seamless experience through a smart platform

  • Centralized database
  • Accredited health procedures
  • Manage vital signs interactively
  • Manage financials efficiently
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Adoption of ICD-10 and standardized codes of services

Utilizing modern technologies and cloud solutions, Nexen Care unifies the health record across all healthcare stakeholders in the form of centralized EHR (Electronic Health Record)

  • Advantage of getting the complete medical record from one single system
  • Privacy to manage own data as per personal preferences of individuals
  • Ability to auto generate health record using integrations
  • Activate and link medical files from other systems
  • Facilitate physicians with a historical and centralized record of patients

The system provides various types of reports and statistical data about healthcare organization and their visitors. Physicians and individuals can access health records and check KPIs by having privacy to access and control own data.

  • Diagnosis and health history
  • Monitor vital signs and Lab results
  • Appointments status and follow ups
  • Revenue reports
  • Key Performance Indicators

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Success Stories

Primary Healthcare Centers

Nexen Care has been implemented at 96 healthcare centersunder 5 hospitalsto digitalize the healthrecords; King Fahad general hospital, King Abdullah Medical Complex, King Abdulaziz hospital, Althager hospital and East Jeddah hospital. it played a vital role tofacilitate more than three million visits.

Dedicated Hosting

Integration with other HIS systems

In order to achieve the objective of unified health records and part of alliance with several hospitals, Nexen Care has been integrated with HIS to facilitate easy retrieval of complete medical history and support physicians’ decisions.

Integration with Absher (Yaqeen Service)

As a part of our core values to provide an authenticated platform, we have integrated Nexen Care with Absher to have a reliable system, speed up the process of creating digital health records, and mitigate the risk of wrong entries.

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Integration with Mawid (Central Appointment System)

In cooperation with Saudi Ministry of Health and General Electrical Company , Nexen Care has been integrated with Mawid to enable visitors manage their appointments through Mawid App whilst primary healthcare centres manage the appointments through Nexen Care in order to enable a seamless experience for all type of users.

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Integration with Wasfaty

In cooperation with Saudi Ministry of Health and the National Unified Procurement Company for Medical Supplies (NUPCO), Nexen Care has been integrated with Wasfaty system to automate the process of issuing prescriptions from Wasfaty which was ordered by physicians from Nexen Care to facilitate physicians and pharmacists have seamless experience in a single system.

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Jeddah Field Hospital

Nexen Care has been implemented at Jeddah Field Hospital for (Covid-19) patients, the system operates effectively providing the needed medical services for different departments.

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Nexen App

A smart application achieves the vision of healthcare transformation! Nexen App provides a collaborative platform to allow visitors of all types of healthcare organizations to interact online and check their health records including visits history, vital signs, lab results, prescriptions, medical reports, manage appointments, attend online consultation (telemedicine)… etc.

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Multiple Options

NexenCare has a variety of options to organize work processes in accordance with the size and requirements of health organization.


NexenCare is consistent with the requirements and work processes of the organization.

Reducing Cost

NexenCare supports health organizations achieving their goals while reducing resources consumption.

System Units


This is a basic module that enables healthcare organizations to manage departments, specializations, activate services and define prices using international standardized codes. It allows to create and manage users and assign authorizations roles.


This module contains all operations related to create and manage health records and enter consultation or service where the system will notify the visitor and health practitioner electronically.


System provides digital flow for the health practitioners and patients starting from vital signs followed by diagnosis using ICD-10codes, defining required assessments, procedures and care plans, and adding prescription electronically.


Nexen grants to ease promoting patient’s wellbeing by giving nurses what they need to provide care like entering vital signs and forms.


Flexible methodology to define the shifts and schedules of health practitioners which enables patients to select and manage appointments digitally.


Lab staff can review the required tests and manage them through the system digitally, patients will get auto notifications once the results are ready.


Systemic list provided to pharmacists to select and issue required medications from system digitally, the system generates auto notifications to patients as a guide.


System facilitates the process of managing radiology orders by browsing, performing and uploading the result in the system.

Medical Insurance

System maintains the eligibility of patients and services digitally, and periodically generates the required approvals and financial claims.


System categorizes financial transactions and manages general ledgers to enable healthcare organizations to monitor and manage their revenues through system electronically.

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